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About Us

Who We Are?

We at SafeClinic are Health Care Professionals driven with one common Mission: To create a Virtual Friend to assist one and all in their Health, Wellness, Fitness, Beauty and Safety needs in the Smartest possible way through our SafeClinic Portal. We want to convey SafeClinic as individual’s Best Pal available 24*7 for any of his Health and Wellness Needs.

What We Do:

Keeping Users at its very heart, we drive all the Health, Wellness, Fitness and Beauty Professionals to provide Safe and Quality Services of Highest of Standards and make it easily accessible to all its users, ultimately keeping user satisfaction as its only goal. At SafeClinic you are sure to Find the Best of Service Providers who will surely make themselves your Best Pals.

Our Mission:

Every day, we work on problems no one has envisaged to solve before! We’re Dreamers, Thinkers and Do-ers all rolled into one. We have audaciously, galactic big dreams – because that’s what it takes to truly change the world and improve healthcare access for humanity.

Safe Clinic Advantage For Service Providers:

• Can bid for online consultations
• Can Bid for Leads
• Can Get fresh clinic/home consultations booked with or without Discounts (20% Service fee)
• Can be in "Featured Area "
• Can be Featured in "Engage with Doctor "
• Can be Listed as Clinic/Doctor of the Month
• Can avail free Pt Management System
• Can opt for a PRO Service
• Cosmetic Surgery Clinics can Opt in for a "Safe-Clinic" Umbrella and increase their Business by up to 100%
• Doctors/Clinics/Hospitals in "Engage with", "Featured Zone” and "Clinic /Doctor of the Month"
• Gyms, Cosmetic and Fitness Products, OTC Pharma Products

Safe Clinic Advantage For Users:

• Free Online Consultations,
• Book Consultations in Clinics (@ Discounted Rates up to 50%),
• Get Home Visit by Doctor,
• Rate Clinic/Consultation/Advice,
• Buy OTC Drugs from Local Chemists,
• Get free Beauty and Fitness Advice,

• Get Deals on Cosmetic Treatments,
• Buy Cosmetics and Fitness Products Online,
• Buy Online Medical Insurance,
• Get Finance on Medical Treatments,
• Get Deals on Gym Memberships,
• Free Health Tracking App